Personal training testimonial dublin

I was recommended Brian having been hampered by Lower back and pelvis issues which had seen me on crutches for 6 weeks post pregnancy. Having played first division hockey I was now inactive and needed a strengthening programme that would get me back playing. Training with Brian has resulted in me getting ft and most importantly healthy again. This is a continuous journey and Brian has given me the confidence and tools to keep going. I am back playing hockey for the first time in many years and am looking forward to getting back to other sports. I couldn’t speak more highly of Brian both as a trainer and as a person. He goes above and beyond to help you get where you want to be and keep you there.

Sarah O'ConnorDublin


Personal trainer testimonial dublin

I was referred to Brian through a friend when I made the choice to really push on with my health and fitness. I had a six month window before I moved abroad and with just two sessions per week, I gained strength I never had before and lost 2 stone of body fat. On arrival in Australia I signed for Cottesloe rugby club having not played the game in 10 years since my second year in school. I trained with professionals (and some retired ones!) never feeling out of place. Two years, no major injuries, strength, agility and a senior rugby medal to show for it. Through constant contact and advice from Brian, I have been able to enjoy sport again and most importantly maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Karl McDonaldDublin


Personal trainer dublin

A friend had been telling me about the great progress she had made with Brian when I realised my chronic back pain was related to a lack of core strength. That was three years ago and I haven’t looked back since. Being a former competitive swimmer I wanted to avoid the traditional gym scene, maximise results and minimise time training. Brian put together a programme that delivered and after 2 months of structured strengthening exercise, the back pain cleared up and I was in great shape enjoying training again. About 12 months later I went back to Brian after a skiing accident where I broke my collar bone, cracked my scapula, and severely damaged my rotator cuff muscle. Within a few months I had regained all muscle and shoulder functionality that my surgeon was delighted with.

Gina Galliganforner Irish international swimmer, Dublin


Personal training dublin

I was recommended Brian for one on one training and began sessions tailored specifically to my goals and physicality. Beyond this I continued to train regularly and would recommend Brian to anyone. He thinks outside the box but completely logically, constructs routines accordingly, and it never gets boring.

Aidan GillenDublin





Personal training Dublin testimonial

Brian was recommended to me by a friend as 3 years previously I was diagnosed with an under active thyroid. As a result I was very lethargic, and found I couldn’t exercise as I would normally. After an assessment Brian worked out a specific program for me and slowly my fitness and energy levels started to improve. And I also toned up too as a bonus! I could not recommend Brian highly enough.

Jennifer McDonaldDublin


Personal training testimonial

I can’t recommend Brian highly enough. I’m not much of a gym person but really wanted to strenghten up and get fitter for other sports I do like surfing and soccer. The one on one sessions work great, and are a perfect fit for anyone who doesn’t want to have to think too much about a plan and just wants to get the end results.

Nicky KellyCEO, surfholidays.com



Personal trainer Dublin testimonial

I started training with Brian three and a half years ago. My aims were to loose weight, improve my fitness, and build strength – probably the same as most people’s. I lost one and a half stone in six or seven months and have (mostly) kept it off! I have tried bootcamps, fit clubs, gyms etc but none of those stuck for me. Brian’s approach is not pushy, he doesn’t rely on gimmicks, he makes training varied and sustainable. I’m fitter, a whole lot stronger, and in much better condition. I’m also keeping at it – which is key

Shireen ShorttDublin


Personal trainer testimonial

I was referred to Brian with regards to getting back playing competitive sports post-surgery after my Achilles tendon rupture. Brian put me on a programme that got me right back on track and I showed some great results within the first month. I combined Brian’s programme with regular physio and I am now back playing sports (having been told I wouldn’t play competitively again.) Brian has a welcoming and unique approach with regards to dealing with his clients and shows genuine interest in his patients progress with regular texts and updates.

Dan GogginWaterford


Dublin personal trainer testimonial

I decided to train with Brian after seeing the results my Dad got through him. I was overweight, unfit, and weak with the beginnings of a sore back and completely gym-averse. Thankfully Brian’s approach helped me lose weight with helpful guidance regarding my diet and regular training. His scientific approach and genuine passion for helping people get results keeps it interesting, and I actually look forward to his classes every week now. I’ve lost over two stone and went from three to thirty press-ups in a row with no injuries and no more back pain. The results speak for themselves.

Nick ApplebyDublin